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Elementary science teachers’ engineering integration after long-term in-service training program with and without curriculum material support

Anahtar Kelimeler: Ziyaretçi, Paydaş ve Uzman statüsünde tüm üyelerimize açıktır.

Yazarlar: Nilay Ozturk, Sevgi AYDIN-Günbatar, Gillian H. Roehrig

ABSTRACT Background and Purpose: As a response to the need for effective engineering integration in K-12 science classrooms, teachers should be supported with rich professional development (PD) with diverse components (e.g. curriculum material support). Grounded in the framework for quality K-12 engineering education, this study explores how elementary science teachers integrated engineering into science lessons after participating in PD and the nature of engineering integration with additional curriculum material support (CMS). Design/Method: In this single-case study with multiple embedded units of analysis, three teachers’ 79 classroom video recordings were analyzed using the Classroom Observation Protocol for Engineering Design with the engineering design process and engineering habits of mind components. Findings: Analysis showed that teachers spent time on each design component in both PD Year and CMS Year, with an increase for at least half of the components in the CMS Year. Across all the observations in both years, the most common engineering design process component was researching possible solutions to the engineering challenge. Compared to the PD Year, teachers’ engineering habits of mind integration improved greatly in the CMS Year. Regarding engineering design and science concepts integration, observations became more balanced, moving away from the independent ends of the continuum in the CMS Year. Conclusions: Long-term PD was effective in supporting teachers’ integration of engineering design components. Providing CMS had the greatest impact on the integration of engineering habits of mind components. Along with PD, curriculum support with explicit indication of how and when to incorporate engineering with habits of mind components was beneficial for teachers.