Collect data instantaneously or remotely

Eliminate noise before analysis

Analyze and share your findings

Think about and understand life with data

Life is your Lab!

LabStar is about thinking, understanding, and communicating.

LabStar is developed by a team of professors, teachers, and engineers who share an aspiration to make Data Science an integral part of the mathematics and science education, both at school and outdoors.


  • LabStar Device: Your innovative data logging tool to collect data instantly or remotely for days.

  • External sensors: Your external sensors for more advanced experiments.

  • Physical and virtual structures: So that you can better control the environmental factors.

  • Your LabStar device includes 12 built-in sensors for days-long experiments.

  • LabStar devices can be custom-designed to match your school's colors.

  • LabStar device grants you access to all items in Software and Resources as well as subscription codes for your students.

  • Your external sensors include color, kitchen thermometer, soil moisture, hyper ranger, magnetometer, Ph sensors, piezo, heart rate.

  • Additional external sensors can be requested.

  • Pendulum, a physical structure helps the distance sensor on LabStar device detect oscillations and create a neat sine graph on LabStar app.

  • Ready-to-3D print files are available.


  • LabStar App: Your app for mobile devices is designed to cleanse and analyze data, as well as create and share an elegant report of your findings.

  • Classroom Mode: Your virtual classroom to share both your raw data and reports with your students: So can your students, if you allow them to do so.

By annually subscribing to iOS or Android app, you will be able to collect data with any LabStar device. You also gain access to Resources for the duration of your subscription. Lite version of LabStar app allows users to analyze sample data sets for free.

Pause & continue for in-class discussion or replicating the experiment to minimize error. Detect outliers and delete them.

Compare means in groups of data.

Classroom mode allows teachers and students to share raw data.

Explain or predict by fitting models into your data.

User notes and photos are compiled into a fine report.

Classroom mode allows students to share reports with their teachers.


  • Lesson plans: All teacher-generated ideas using built-in or external sensors of Labstar.

  • Datasets: Ready-to-import files to work on real-life data.

  • A comic book: Fully-illustrated adventures of LabStar.

  • Professional development videos: Asynchronous videos to watch how your colleagues used LabStar device with their students.

  • Structure files: 3D printing files of physical structures.

  • Research: Full access to published research papers.

You can print this wonderful story or download and distribute freely to your students.

Video recordings of six-hours long teacher training course focuses on how teachers used their LabStar devices with their students.

BAUSTEM at Bahcesehir University organizes workshops for teachers across the year. Be the first to know or request one for your school.

You have access to a growing number of interesting real-life datasets. For example, you can compare MJ and LeBron on a number of performance variables.